Anal Sex


Anal sex is a desire in which it is good to enter the right way and with the right precautions. Choosing the right travel companion is the first step, then there are some things to keep in mind that greatly facilitate this exciting sexual practice. First of all, remember that the anal erogenous zone is not naturally lubricated, so the lubricant is of fundamental importance. There are different types, choose the one you prefer, but always remember the compatibility with the condom latex. Due hygienic measures through anal showers and stimulation are essential to prepare for penetration. For example, facilitating the relaxation of the anus with sex toys is widely recommended and desirable: fouls, vibrators, plugs, you can use them as a preparation for anal sex. In conclusion, among the best positions to start, the best for anal penetration is the one lying on one side, but don't forget to experiment then all the others!

Intimate Douche. Indispensable for perfect anal sex. Anal showers operate an internal cleaning dedicated to both health-conscious and hedonists of anal pleasure.

Anal Lubes. Anal, water-based lubricants, oils or silicone, often in combination with precious herbal extracts, are specifically designed to optimize your relationships thanks to their elasticizing and relaxing functions, also guaranteeing a long-lasting effect.

Anal Plugs. With gradual dimensions and well studied and anatomical shapes, to allow a safe and pleasant approach to the practice of anal sex.

Anal Vibrator. They will allow you to experience new sensations through your "secondary door", new practices of pleasure, made of satisfying vibrations and stimulations.