Premature Ejaculation


Premature ejaculation means a male sexual dysfunction which consists in the uncontrollability, on the part of man, of delaying the maximum moment of pleasure, ejaculating within the first minute of penetration and immediately after a rapid sexual excitement. The factors that determine this condition can be both physical and psychological, but fortunately there are valid remedies to deal with it and limit it, and this is also possible thanks to sex toys. Often the andrologist recommends a behavioral therapy made up of progressive exercises to be performed periodically to improve ejaculation control. And it is precisely here that sex toys come into play, which are confirmed as sexual objects that go to implement practices that are otherwise too mechanical, aseptic and lacking the necessary transport. A fundamental approach is therefore a multidisciplinary approach to the problem and a team game between all the figures and tools useful for achieving the goal, namely to limit premature ejaculation as much as possible with exercise. In fact, with regard to premature ejaculation, there is no single, universal therapy, perfect for every individual. To counter it, it is essential to use various solutions connected together in a strategy designed specifically for each individual case. So why waste precious time getting to a progressive loss of quality in one's sexuality, also deteriorating one's self-esteem and consequently the relationship with one's partner? It is therefore good to understand which sex toys are best suited to our case.

The Ejaculation Delay products, can be adjuvants in gels, sprays and preservatives, moderate the sensitivity of the penis thus prolonging its duration.

The Cock Rings are phallic rings, they can be vibrating or not, and they help to keep the erection longer by delaying the final moment.

Masturbators can have different shapes and materials, they can be useful to train excitement to delay the moment of the final orgasm.

Penis Developers in gel, cream or tablets are perfect for helping erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.