Love Match Classic Condoms x6 pcs

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Love Match Classic Condoms x6 pcs

Classic Love Matches are standard condoms of standard size, resistant and well lubricated.

Classic Love Match offer an excellent fit to those who prefer to go on the classic even under the sheets. Experience the naturalness of a safe and secure relationship, try Classic Love Match to be ready for your next love match!

The Love Match Classico condoms are made of pure natural latex, transparent, with an easy on shape, tank and well lubricated.


Good smell
Lovematches smell good! Thanks to the use of innovative technologies, each condom will be pleasant to the taste and smell. you will have more pleasant and fulfilling relationships with LoveMatch condoms.

No-stress opening
Lovematches are equipped with a no-stress opening system. The circular package allows you to extract the condom quickly and easily: starting from one of the three incisions on the edge you will be able to open the sachet quickly and without risking damaging your condom. comfortable to wear

Comfortable to wear
Thanks to their shape, Love Matches are easy to wear and practical to unroll: you can wear your condoms without any kind of problem or snag. Their wearability is facilitated by the particular shape that provides a larger nominal width at the base than the head.


  • Material: Latex
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Condoms length: 190 mm
  • Condoms width: 54 mm
  • Condoms thickness: 0,07 mm
  • Lubricant in condoms: Silicone based
  • Shape: standard
  • Surface: smooth
15 - 20 cm
4 - 6 cm