Durex Settebello Lunga Durata Condoms 12 Pack

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Durex Settebello Lunga Durata Condoms 12 Pack

The Durex Settebello Lunga Durata 12 pieces condoms are the result of the Settebello Classico, the most famous and loved condom in the Durex range, with the addition of benzocaine.

Inside the condom reservoir, the lubricant contains 5% benzocaine, a topical anesthetic cream used to reduce sensitivity during intercourse. The mild anesthetic acts on the glans, the most stimulated part during sex, decreasing the sensations of pleasure allows the partner to postpone ejaculation and prolong orgasm.


Product details:
- Made of natural rubber latex
- Transparent
- Nominal width of 52 mm
- Thickness of 0.075mm


A high quality, safe and reliable product. Thanks to Settebello Long Duration, the partner will be able to stimulate female sexual pleasure to the fullest, until reaching a simultaneous orgasm and experiencing pleasure at the same time without interrupting sexual intercourse.


  • Extra Thin, compared with standard Durex natural rubber latex condoms, Extra Sensitive
  • Straight walled & teat ended
  • Transparent & lubricated natural rubber latex condoms
  • Nominal width: 52mm