Durex Love Mix Condoms 40 Pack

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Durex Love Mix Condoms 40 Pack


  • Varied condom mix with 5 different types
  • For incredibly sensual moments and intense feelings

Sometimes it's fun to try something new! Discover the Durex Love Mix with extra thin or wet condoms, strawberry flavored condoms, ribbed & nubbed condoms and ribbed & nubbed condoms with stimulating gel. For sensual moments & intense feelings - everyone gets their money's worth here.

Package contents:
- 8x Durex Real Feeling Ultra – extra thin for even more feeling
- 8x Durex Real Feeling Extra Moist – wafer-thin condoms with extra lubricant
- 8x Durex Strawberry – Strawberry Flavored & Scented Condoms
- 8x Durex Pleasure Me – condoms with uniquely positioned ribs and knobs
- 8x Durex Intense – condoms with ribs, nubs and stimulating gel for greater female stimulation

Remember that no birth control method provides 100% protection against pregnancy, HIV or STDs. Please read the information on the inside of the pack, especially if you are using condoms for anal or oral sex.



  • Condoms made of natural rubber latex with a reservoir (exception: Feeling real Ultra: cylindrical with a reservoir)
  • Nominal width: 56 mm, length: 195 mm (or for Durex Arouse me + Excite me: 52 mm, 180 mm)
  • Durex quality: Our condoms go through 5 quality tests and each condom is 100% electronically tested


Please note condom packaging may vary.