Durex Sync Condoms 6 Pack

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Durex Sync Condoms 6 Pack
  • Durex Sync helps to intensify the duration and quality of sexual intercourse
  • They are condoms dedicated to couples who want to synchronize sexual pleasure and orgasm
  • Retardant condoms for him: the condom contains a 5% benzocaine retardant gel, a mild anesthetic that acts slightly on the glans, reducing its sensitivity and thus delaying ejaculation
  • Stimulating condom for her: its surface is equipped with stimulating reliefs and ribs that increase sexual pleasure by acting directly on the vaginal walls
  • Nominal width 56mm, in pure natural rubber latex, transparent and with reservoir
  • Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight
  • Electronically tested


Durex condoms are CE 0120 medical devices; they confer protection from sexually transmitted diseases