MISTER SIZE 53 mm Condoms x10 pcs

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MISTER SIZE 53 mm Condoms x10 pcs

MISTER SIZE 53 - The condom for the strong and sturdy penis


Robust & Strong - MISTER SIZE 53

With MISTER SIZE 53 you have the condom that gives you an all-round good feeling. Pinches, nipping and the feeling that your manhood is being choked are now history! From now on, pure enjoyment begins.

Just before lovemaking, a wonderful unity takes place as you easily roll the condom on to your robust strong penis — a unity that will generate wonderful moments of sensual pleasure. Have fun!


A man/woman can pick the right condom size for the penis by using the front of the packaging because there is a wide, dark blue measuring scale in the middle. Size 53 is suitable for a penis circumference of 10.5 to 12 cm.


Proven Quality

MISTER SIZE gives you a whole new feeling during sex while at the same time offering optimal safety. All our MISTER SIZE condoms comply with DIN standard EN ISO 4074:2002 and are subject to careful testing. Having a condom with optimal safety breeds confidence and certainty which allows you both to totally relax and let go during love-making. You can learn more about our quality standards in our four basic principles.


  • Material: Latex
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Width: 53mm
  • Length: 223 mm
  • Form: Cylindrical
  • Lubricant: Silicone
  • Reservoir: Yes
  • Vegan
  • Ultra-Thin: 0,06 mm
  • Quality: ISO 4074