Durex Invisible Thin Extra Large Condoms 6 Pack

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Durex Invisible Thin Extra Large Condoms 6 Pack

Are you looking for a condom that is bigger than the usual condoms but that is also thinner at the same time?

Durex has thought of your needs to those of those who need a larger condom but would also prefer to have greater sensitivity: Durex Invisible XL is in fact the thin extra-large condom, the only one in the Durex range with these characteristics.

These condoms have a nominal width of 57mm, slightly larger than standard condoms whose base width is around 53-54mm. The strength of these condoms is all in the thickness: their ultra-thin thickness makes them the thinnest condoms of the Durex brand. Condoms have smooth textures, are transparent, reservoir, made of latex and are equipped with silicone-based lubricant for longer and longer lasting lubrication.

Choose Durex Invisible XL: maximum sensitivity and maximum comfort.


  • Extra Thin, compared with standard Durex natural rubber latex condoms, Extra Sensitive
  • Straight walled & teat ended
  • Transparent & lubricated natural rubber latex condoms
  • Nominal width: 57mm