Durex Fun Explosion Condoms 22 Pack

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Durex Fun Explosion Condoms 22 Pack


Durex Fun Explosion Mix with exciting varieties for great fun.

Durex Fun Explosion Mix offers a selection of strawberry flavored condoms, ribbed condoms and condoms with high lubrication.

This pack includes condoms of different shapes and sizes.

Always use condoms that make you feel comfortable with the right size.

Durex Fun Explosion Mix contains four types of condoms:


  • 5 strawberry flavored condoms for sweet fun
  • 5 Pleasure Max condoms with reliefs and ribs to promote stimulation
  • 5 Arouse Me condoms with ribs and classic shape for an enveloping sensation
  • 7 Extra Lubricated Contact condoms, thin for high sensitivity and highly lubricated


Condoms are a way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy when used as directed. See the instructions contained inside the package for correct use.

Each of our condoms is electronically tested. In addition, each batch is subjected to further quality tests

Durex condoms are CE1639 / CE2409 / CE0123 / CE0120 medical devices. They confer protection from sexually transmitted diseases. Durex gels are CE1639 medical devices indicated for vaginal dryness. Read the warnings and instructions for use carefully. Authorization of 30/10/2020.