Maximum Penis Enlargement Cream 45 ml

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Maximum Penis Enlargement Cream 45 ml

The Inverma Maximum Cream is a penis-developing gel that prevents erection difficulties, strengthens blood circulation and increases its length and diameter.

Its formula works by increasing the expansion and growth of tissues, it is easily absorbed by the body and must be applied over the entire length and circumference of the penis, massaging with the fingertips from root to glans.

The measure that you manage to achieve during erection is determined by the amount of blood accumulated in the cavernous bodies of the penis. Maximum Gel allows you to quickly and effectively increase blood flow to the penis and cavernous vessels. This high blood level expands into the capillaries of the penis, giving you a stronger, longer lasting and larger erection.  

Before applying the gel, carefully clean the penis with warm water and neutral soap, while for surprising results, it is recommended to use "pump developers" in combination.  


  • Content: 45 ml Tube
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Pleasant application
  • Quality care substances, without alcohol and colour additives
  • Made in Germany