Control Hot Passion Lube 3in1

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Control Hot Passion Lube 3in1

Water-based moisturizing massage gel with warming action. Ideal for sensual massages on the whole body thanks to the innovative massage cap with 5 spheres which, combined with the heat effect, allows you to amplify the pleasure of the massage like never before.

For an extra sensory day it can be combined with the 3in1 Ice Feel Gel: massage the two gels in different areas of the body to obtain surprising and unexpected sensations.


Size: 200 ml + massage cap
Composition: water based, sugar free
Effect: pleasant warmth on the skin
100% made in Italy
Texture: soft and silky
Color: transparent
Aroma: fragrance free
Features: moisturizing, warming, cap with 5 massaging balls Condom compatible in case of contact