TABOO Jeux Interdits Massage Candle for Men

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TABOO Jeux Interdits Massage Candle for Men

Massage Candle for men made with 100% natural oil and natural fragrance of wild Lichen. Manufactured in the south of France (Provence), this 'bougie de massage' has a powerful and viril scent to release all the masculinity of men. Its glass container will create an exciting atmosphere for a moment of sensuality while your loved one will explore your body like never before. A good occasion to play forbidden games with your partner.

The massage candle contains neither preservatives nor paraffin. It is made from natural raw materials: a mixture of soybean oil, coconut oil and beeswax, etc. Not tested on animals, 100% natural oil, premium quality. Compared to a conventional cold oil, the lukewarmness of the wax heightens the feeling of well-being.The fluidity is enhanced by the heat.The oil better penetrates the epidermis and softens it.The oil is nourishing, soothing and protective.It provides well-being and is ideal for muscle relaxation, after a sporting effort as well as for physiotherapy care.


- Light the candle
- Wait 10 minutes, The wax will become liquid
- Extinguish the candle
- Apply the wax on the skin (after having checked the temperature)
- Practice a sensual massage to your partner


- Massage Candle for men with 100% natural oil and natural fragrance of wild lichen.
- Glass container.
- Powerful and viril scent.
- Nourishing, soothing and protecting oil.
- Ideal for muscle relaxation.


  • Content: 60g
  • Made in France