WATERGLIDE Massage & Lubricant Guarana 300ml

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WATERGLIDE Massage & Lubricant Guarana 300ml

Waterglide is a high-quality water-based lubricant manufactured in accordance with German quality standards. The special ingredients are non-greasy and can be easily washed away with water. It does not leave any unpleasant residues during moments of passion. The lubricant has a non-sticky consistency and feels very pleasant on the skin. The super-rich formula provides a fantastically smooth glide sensation which makes Waterglide the perfect choice for satisfying and sensual lovemaking.

Having complete trust in your partner is a prerequisite for relaxed and sensuous lovemaking and it is also important to be able to completely trust any products that you use during these intimate moments and that come into contact with your genital area. That is why Waterglide personal lubricants have the CE mark which denotes that the product complies with regulations governing medical products that are designed to be used in the genital area, labeling clearly showing that the product is safe to use with latex condoms and a detailed description in the English language. Waterglide lubricants are made from a specially developed formula which guarantees they can be safely used with latex condoms.


  • 2-in-1 Aloe Vera lube & massage gel
  • Colour-free and unscented 2 in 1 lube and massage gel with soothing aloe vera extract
  • This nourishing gel is very skin-friendly and its pH neutral formulation means it is particularly suitable for sensitive skins
  • This lubricant helps to support the natural vaginal microflora whilst its long-lasting slipperiness provides intense sensual pleasure.