Just Glide Original Silicone Lube 30ml

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Just Glide Original Silicone Lube 30ml

Perfect for long-lasting lovemaking, extensive massages and smooth anal sex!

This silicone-based, medical lubricant creates a breathable, protective film when rubbed onto the skin thanks to its velvety soft texture. It therefore makes sex or massages better, even more intense and smoother – and it’s also long-lasting as well! The very rich lubricant is very economical and can be washed off easily. Vegan. Water free, perfume-free and non-greasy.

Without preservatives. Safe to use with latex condoms. Top quality made in Germany!


- Silicone-based, medical lubricant
- Excellent long-lasting lubrication
- Suitable for massages and anal sex
- Very economical
- Safe to use with latex condoms and washable