KY Lubricating Jelly 82 Gram

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KY Lubricating Jelly 82 Gram

K-Y Lubricating Jelly is a water soluble personal lubricant. Most doctors recommend K-Y Jelly, as water based K-Y Jelly is safer and more effective than other lubricants. Clear, non greasy K-Y Jelly is the perfect supplement to your own natural moisture, so that your lovemaking is instantly more pleasurable. K-Y jelly is safe to use with condoms, unlike petroleum jelly or baby oil. K-Y is clear and clean-rinsing, easy and convenient to use, non-greasy, non-sticky, hygienic and pH balanced, fragrance free and alcohol free.

- Reputable, reliable lubricant recommended by doctors
- Water-based formula suitable for intercourse, foreplay and sex toys
- pH-balanced to support and supplement your body's natural moisture

INGREDIENTS: Water, Glycerin, Hydroxyethycellulose, Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Gluconolactone, Methylparaben, Sodium Hydroxide.