Enhancement Nipple Sucker 10 pcs Set

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Enhancement Nipple Sucker 10 pcs Set

Enjoy the pert, perky and highly sensitive nipples you’ve always wanted with these All Night Enhancement Nipple Suckers. These suckers come with a range of rubber rings which are designed to keep your nipples erect without the use of the pump- no more lengthy preparation! Just stretch your desired size of ring over the end of the sucker (as per the diagram) before use. Then one nipple at a time, simply place the sucker completely over your nipple and squeeze the bulb until your preferred sensation has been reached. Yon then carefully slip the rubber ring off the sucker and around your newly enlarged nipple for extended play and secure wear. Each pack contains one small and one large sucker ensuring the best fit for you.


  • Material: PVC, Silicone, ABS Plastic
  • Small Pump Length: 7 cm
  • Large Pump Length: 6,35 cm
  • Small Pump Diameter 8mm
  • Large Pump Diameter 11mm
5 - 10 cm