Satisfyer Pro 2 Replacement Caps 5pcs

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Satisfyer Pro 2 Replacement Caps 5pcs

5 interchangeable attachments for the Pro 2 Air-Pulse Stimulator. The set combines 2 flat and 3 voluminous caps made of supple silicone – hygienically interchangeable with just 2 movements of the hand.

What are the Satisfyer Pro 2 caps for?
The white attachments made of medical grade, soft silicone are specially made for your Satisfyer Pro 2 and fit perfectly on the head of the pressure wave vibrator. The velvety soft caps wrap comfortably around your clitoris, giving you breathtaking waves of pressure without contact. The attachments have the same shape as the attachment already supplied so they’re easy to replace. The set contains 5 interchangeable attachments, which you can easily take with you in your toiletry bag. So you always have your interchangeable caps at hand and your Satisfyer Pro 2 is always ready to go.

How do I clean my Satisfyer Pro 2 attachments?
The soft silicone from which the attachments are made has a hygienic and smooth surface. You can easily clean the attachments with a little soap and lukewarm water after use or when replacing them. A Satisfyer disinfectant spray offers the best hygiene - just give it a few sprays and wait 1-2 minutes. With regular cleaning you can enjoy the caps for a long time. For smooth fun with your Satisfyer Pro 2, we recommend one of Satisfyer’s water-based lubricants - available in silky, warming or cooling versions. They’re perfectly matched to our Satisfyer products and interchangeable caps so you can enjoy hours of passionate, clean pleasure.


  • 2x desire enhancer tips
  • 3x standard climax tips
  • Medical-grade silicone