Clone a Willy Light Tone with Suction Kit

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Clone a Willy Light Tone with Suction Kit

A personal gift!

A DIY dildo replica of the own penis. With a suction cup for hands-free rides. The replica set includes everything that is needed for a realistic replica:

  • Mould (the packaging is used as the mould)
  • Penis strap
  • Sleeve
  • Bottle with hardening agent
  • 3D gel to create 2 replicas
  • Tin with silicone rubber
  • Pair of plastic gloves
  • Wooden spatula
  • Detailed instructions

The materials suffice for a penis (erect) up to 20 cm long and Ø up to 4 cm. 2 replicas can be made with the included 3D gel, in case the first one doesn't succeed. Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas or Valentine's Day – there is always an occasion for a very personal gift.

- Replica set for a DIY penis dildo
- Everything is included
- Includes a suction cup
- For a penis up to 20 cm long, Ø up to 4 cm gift