Clone a Willy Light Tone Vibrating Kit

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Clone a Willy Light Tone Vibrating Kit

DIY silicone vibrator – the perfect gift!

A perfect replica of the penis will be made with this penis clone set My personalized Vibrator from Cloneboy – it even vibrates! This personalised vibrator is the only one in the world. The set contains a mould (the packaging is used as the mould), a penis strap, a sleeve, a bottle with hardening agent, 3D gel to create 2 replicas (in case the first replica doesn't succeed), silicone rubber, 1 pair of plastic gloves, a wooden spatula, a vibrator and detailed instructions (D, NL, FR, GB).

Suitable for a penis (when erect) up to 20 cm long and Ø 4 cm. Please order a battery separately: 1 x AA.

- Penis clone set incl. vibrator
- To make a personalised silicone vibrator
- Everything is included
- A perfect, personalised gift