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Travel game ENG/NL/DE/FR/ES

Discover Your Lover Travel Edition Discover the world and each other! The tantalizing travel game for a mutually erotic adventure.

Introducing... Discover your Lover Travel Edition, for some extra eroticism when on vacation! After all, a vacation is the perfect moment to rouse the slumbering passion in any relationship! This stimulating travel edition of the world famous erotic game for two lovers (m/f) takes you on a surprising journey of exciting challenges towards your naughtiest fantasy. Of course, mutual respect for each other’s fantasies and boundaries remain the key at all times.

Discover your lover was launched in 2007, with great success! The game has been translated into five languages and is played the world over. Lovers discover each other in exciting new ways, thus becoming (even) closer. The travel edition of the game contains 99 questions and tasks, which guarantees you an unforgettable vacation. Everything revolves around enjoying each other extensively, by means of intimate questions and exciting tasks. The game has different levels and can be played to suit your own personal ‘taste’ and choice. The winner will get his or her ultimate fantasy fulfilled. Discover each other’s deepest fantasy… and make those dreams a reality!

To add a spicy touch to this travel edition, it now also includes a scarf. This can be used as a blindfold or… for some cheeky bondage. If after playing the game, you wish to relax in another way, then you can also use the game board as a Frisbee. Using its own beautiful satin travel bag, you can easily, and discretely, take it with you everywhere, just to add that little bit of eroticism and make your vacation complete!

Discover your lover was developed in cooperation with sexologists. It has a feminine-friendly, respectful and exciting vibe. All desires, wishes and dreams of both men and women are uncovered and expressed. The questions and tasks in the Travel Edition are available in 5 languages: Dutch, Spanish, English, French and German.


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