Secret Levels Game

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Secret Levels Game


The game consists of 3 round tins and each can corresponds to an intensity level.

- 1st tin: Level 1. Seduction game with rewards of lesser intensity.
- 2nd tin: Level 2. Passion game with medium intensity rewards.
- 3rd tin: Level 3. Fantasy and BDSM game with greater intensity rewards.

You can play several times in each level or move on to the next one. There´s no need to start at the first level or to play in an orderly manner. It will depend on what you feel like doing that day and your mood.

The game includes:
- 55 reward cards in each tin (165 reward cards in total)
- 48 chips in each tin. (144 chips in total)
- Language: (ES/EN/FR/PT)

Game rules: The goal of the game is to form 4 chip combinations and place them on the table, horizontally or vertically, that connect to other combinations created by other player. When a player manages to complete a combination, he will pick a reward card with the same symbol as the combination made and read it out loud. The reward must be performed at the right after.

The combinations can be: Same icons, different colours. They are grouped in a row (horizontal). Different icons, same colour. They are grouped in column (vertical). Once a combination is completed, there must be a space left to place the next chip.

Start of the game: The reward cards are divided by symbols into five piles and each pile is shuffled. All the chips are placed face down on the table and mixed together.

Orderly start: Each player chooses 4 chips. You must not look at the other player's chips. The person with the highest number of combinations in a single row/column is the one to begin playing. In case of a tie, the player who removes first a piece of their clothing will begin.

Start of the game: Alternating turns, the first player places the chips that form a combination on the table and picks the same number of chips they have used in their move, so they must always have 4 chips in their hand. If at any time during the game a player cannot make any combination, they can swap their chips (some or all of them) for those of the pile, but they must always have 4 chips in their hand. By making this swap they will pass the turn to the other player. On each move, each player must make the maximum member of possible combinations, which entails placing more than one chip in a single move. If a player makes several combinations in a single move, they will pick a reward card with the symbol of each combination they have completed.

End of the game: The game ends when there are no more chips in the pile or when there are no more possible combonations to be made. The player who got the most rewards wins!