Pull & Play Cards Game

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Pull & Play Cards Game

Do you feel that you have fallen into monotony and routine took over you? Or do you simply need new stimuli to keep the spark alive after a few years of relationship?

Pull & Play is a couple game that will make you enjoy intimate moments regardless of your gender and sexual orientation.

How to play Pull & Play:
Simply take a card out of the box. You will notice that each card is divided in two so each partner must pull an edge of the card to keep his half card to play with.

Read your challenge silently. Without revealing anything to each other.

The player who has card number 1 starts by getting into position and acts as indicated on the card whilst the one with challenge card number 2 continues with his challenge.

Don't say a word, just act! Whoever reaches orgasm first loses.

- The game includes 100 challenges (50x2)
- Language: (ES/EN/DE/FR/NL/PT/IT)