Alecia King Life Size Love Doll With 3 Penetrating Holes Flesh Black

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Alecia King Life Size Love Doll With 3 Penetrating Holes Flesh Black

The Alecia King Love Doll is a beautiful ebony princess style Love Doll for you to enjoy making love to whenever you wish, every night if you so choose. This love doll has large breasts with hard nipples for you to enjoy. There are three entrances on this love doll for you to discover and penetrate sexually: mouth, vagina and anal area. The Alecia King Love Doll has the additional beauty of turquoise waist cincher, fishnet stockings and seductive black panties decoration to add aesthetic appeal. The beautiful face with sleek black hair decoration on this doll will certainly captivate your heart as you bring all your fantasies to life using this love doll. This love doll is easy to inflate and use. You can enjoy the heights of physical stimulation through sexual activity with this love doll whenever you please, a loyal companion who will always be there for you. With the added visuals of seductive lingerie decoration, this love doll certainly offers you that special something extra. You may wish to use a water based lubricant with this love doll for extra ease during use and to minimise unwanted friction and chafing. Remember to thoroughly clean this product after use with an anti-bacterial adult sex products cleaner.


  • Life size love doll
  • Dark skinned style
  • Lingerie decoration feature
  • Large breasts with nipples
  • 3 entrances to enjoy sexually (mouth, vagina, anus)
  • Height 1.50m