Tenga Masturbator Cool Original Cup

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Tenga Masturbator Cool Original Cup

Blowjob with a freshness kick!

The disposable Original Vacuum Cup Cool masturbator from Tenga is ready to use right away. After the soft entry, the penis is provided with plenty of lubricant by the lubricant ring, so additional lubricant is not necessary. The lube already included in the Cup Cool version is enriched with menthol, which in combination with the air provides an intensely cooling and very refreshing experience.

The varied inner structure with different diameters massages the penis intensively. And at the end of the masturbator, the innovative vacuum opening provides sucking sensations like the best blowjob. To do this, remove the sticker from the vacuum opening and close or open it with your finger (just as you like).


- Disposable Masturbator
- With freshness kick lubricant - ready to use straight away
- Suction effect individually controllable
- Intensive stimulation structure
- Soft pad opening
- High quality materials


  • Material: TPE, PE, Urethane
  • Length: 15,6 cm
  • Insertable Length: 15 cm
  • Diameter: 64,5 cm
  • Diameter is very flexible
  • Disposable
  • Prelubricated
  • Cooling Lubricant
15 - 20 cm
4 - 6 cm