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Anal toys

The discovery of side B
Among the erogenous zones of women and men, in recent times everything relating to the surprising world of anal pleasure has also been put on the menu in the search for the perfect orgasm. It is now increasingly known that in the search for pleasure, men and women are able to build multiple paths, traditional or new, which manage to bring them into even more harmony and intimacy with their own body and that of their partner. The anus is full of nerve endings that cause very pleasant sensations. In men, inside the anus is the prostate, the erogenous zone par excellence, the equivalent of the g-spot in women. The anal orgasm thus becomes the new frontier, the Eldorado of stimulation, achievable both in complete solitude, but also in the company of a partner.

Anal Toys: what they are

Anal toys are the sex toys of anal pleasure, all those erotic games designed for the pleasure and well-being of all the asses in the world. Anal sex toys are designed to stimulate the butt of women, men and anyone else in a complete and safe way. If stimulated well, all butts can enjoy and sex toys for the anus have made this concept a mission: in fact, behind there is a real mine of erogenous points, capable of evoking new and very intense sensations. From dildos to butt plugs to anal beads, vibrating or not, anal toys come in the most diverse colours, shapes and sizes. On the other hand, they all have one characteristic that they have in common: a wide and firm base that guarantees a secure grip and prevents them from getting stuck inside the anus. They can be made, among other things, in medical silicone, glass, aluminum, PVC and some also feature a cute fake fur tail for the sexiest and most exciting role-playing games. What are you waiting for to try them all?

Anal Toys: many forms for a unique pleasure

Science teaches us that it is precisely the first centimeters of the anal canal - the entrance to the anus, in short the door on which you knock to ask if you can enter - that gives greater pleasure to anyone with a small ass. All those who also have a prostate are doubly lucky, because this gland, if carefully stimulated, allows you to achieve explosive pleasure and unlike any type of orgasm you have ever experienced. But the anal orgasm does not discriminate against anyone: everyone can have it and get it or get it. As? Our toys are certainly excellent allies .
Anal vibrator: among all anal sex toys, it is the one that best combines the pleasure of anal stimulation and penetration with the "thrill" of vibrations. Mini or natural-sized, thin or prominent, smooth or ridged to stimulate all the nerve endings in the area, the anal vibrator allows intense and safe penetration thanks to the wider base which avoids any "sucking" by the anus.

Bondage and BDSM: practices for everyone

If you have never tried bondage, start exploring this section of our sexy shop dedicated to bondage. The tools for bondage and sadomasochistic practices that you will find here are accessible, simple to use and safe: the tools for bondage and sadomasochistic practices that you will find here are accessible, simple to use and safe: whips and paddles, masks and blindfolds, handcuffs and bands, often in satin and elegantly packaged. Bondage and the objects we offer you to try it are designed to improve the life of a couple in every aspect of its intimacy. Learning and deepening bondage techniques can be an exciting journey as a couple and purchasing bondage accessories together on your favorite shop can be a very hot part of foreplay. Our bondage tools are for everyone: there is no more masculine or more feminine bondage. That's why we strive to be an inclusive BDSM sex shop, where you can find BDSM items, bondage accessories and fetish items for all genders and orientations. For a more complete experience you can add the use of a sex toy.

Bondage and BDSM: prohibited but safe practice

The "prohibition" factor is the sexiest aspect of BDSM but to experience true pleasure the road must be clear of obstacles and thoughts. Our sadomasochistic articles reflect the intent to practice risk in complete safety: to experiment with borderline techniques such as physical immobilization, spanking and blindfolding you will find all the safest BDSM tools on the market, from the most harmless, such as BDSM lingerie, at the most extreme, such as gagball or handcuffs. Our bondage and BDSM objects are assorted to satisfy all tastes, from the darkest to the pinkest and comply with the safety requirements in force: we are thinking in particular of bondage articles, which touch areas such as the breasts or private parts, which they must be treated with respect and delicacy.

Bondage and BDSM: online prices for all budgets

Now that you have arrived on the best sadomasochistic site in Italy we ask you to tie your belts tight - a little tighter - and dive into the universe of sadomasochism and bondage with confidence. You will find all the most beautiful and accessible BDSM objects on our sex shop: our choice of erotic and fetish objects has a very wide range of prices that will allow you to purchase different bondage accessories to try various techniques. You will practice bondage and sadomasochism safely without improvising DIY bondage objects that are unsafe and above all unsexy!

Bondage: an ancient art

Bondage is a centuries-old art that draws from Japanese shibari, itself deriving from the submission techniques of the Hojojotsu martial art practiced in Kabuki theater. Bondage is much more than a sadomasochistic practice of domination and submission: the motif of the "bond" (between man and man, but also between human and divine) materializes in a place and space in which the "bonded" is recognized full esteem and authority. In Japan, in fact, the police and the samurai began to use this technique to immobilize prisoners: the textures, shapes and designs of the ropes, all made of the same material, hemp and jute, made it possible to recognize the prisoner's lineage in order to due respect. Since then the technique has become an art, first martial (shibari) and then sexual, thanks to the wise geishas who were able to recognize its beneficial effects on the erotic life of a couple.