Ambasciatoy, our affiliate program, is a system that allows you to earn thanks to our products!
Simply insert a link to our site in your communication channels or spread the discount code we provide you and, if sales are made through these tools, you will receive a commission for each completed order. Easy, right? ❤️

How does it work?

To recommend our sex toys and products you will need to: 

1. Sign up
Register and join tons of people who are earning together with the ToysPleasure community. 

2. Recommend and share
Let's share! We will provide a link and your personalized discount code that you can share on social media or any other communication channel with your viewers, friends and family! . 

3. Earn
Earn money up to 10% via affiliate commissions for every purchase. Payment will be made via Paypal. 

We will send you more information via email 

Become an affiliate too! We can't wait to have you on the team! ❤️ 

N.D. It is not permitted to bid on TOYSPLEASURE, that is, to make paid advertising of our brand. Any such behavior will result in automatic deletion of the publisher on our platform.