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Dildos: Realistic, double or glass, the choice is yours

All sex toys originated from him, the father of all erotic games: the dildo, used since the Neolithic to please women in the mood for autoeroticism. Since then it has changed a lot and has become realistic dildos, strap-on dildos, strapless dildos made of silicone, glass, steel and much more to adapt to the most varied tastes to try at least once in your life.

What is a dildo?

God created man and man created the dildo. With its phallic shape that has its origins in antiquity, the dildo is the great classic of sexual toys, the entry level of sexual objects, the one from which we start and to which we return from time to time (like certain lovers, with the difference that it does not age and does not lose its hold) to confirm the most universal sensations of erotic satisfaction.

Why a dildo?

The dildo, perfect for beginners as well as advanced, is an authentic certainty in the sector. The sex toy always ready and alert, without charging or battery life (and then you don't even have to expect a text message), perfect for playing and recreating the emotions of a real act. Ideal for moments of individual or shared enjoyment, the dildo is the perfect sex toy for any situation: solitary, as a couple, in team sports, in mixed and non-mixed teams. In other words, its apparent traditional nature makes it an incomparable passepartout, with potential yet to be discovered!

Types of dildos

More or less realistic , in some cases a real design object, the dildo can be made in a wide range of sizes, colors and materials, ranging from silicone to steel. The rubber dildo is an ideal sex toy for those who love simplicity, it is the perfect answer for those seeking unmistakable emotions during autoeroticism and masturbation (those of good, old penetration, so to speak!). Available both for vaginal stimulation like Tiger or Amor by Fun Factory, also in a version with suction cup, like the busty Godebuster Large by Love To Love, and for anal stimulation, like the beautiful surgical steel dildos by Njoy or the glass dildos by Glass.

Realistic dildos

Far from any type of stylization but still sober in the naturalistic rendering of the shape and color of the complexion, the realistic dildo is perfect for fully simulating anal and vaginal penetration and for ensuring the most complete enjoyment for both partners, in an experiment increasingly daring and uninhibited erotica. The Basix series by Pipedream, in particular, combines pop and lively colors with prominent veins near the tip and testicles, also having a practical suction cup to place on any smooth surface to unleash fantasies and new positions. Ready to try a foul so realistic that you can no longer do without it?

Anal dildos

The anal dildo is a dildo which, despite ever-changing materials, shapes and colours, has a fundamental and essential constant: a wider base which prevents its total insertion inside the anus (famous for its suppository effect). It can therefore be said, in a certain sense, that any realistic phallus or classic dildo can also be an anal dildo at the same time if equipped with this wide base compared to which the body of the sex toy is narrower . Sometimes, as in Lux products, the handle of the anal dildo has a particular structure designed to massage the prostate and perineum (point eg L point) during anal penetration.


Goodbye harness with these dildos with a slightly curved tip that not only caresses the clitoris and G-spot, providing extremely intense pleasure, but also ensures perfect, long-lasting adherence of the shorter, rounded end inside the vagina. This is the case of Share-XL by Fun Factory, particularly rippled in the longest part to provide an endless wave of passive pleasure.

Double dildos

For her and her, for her and him, vaginal and anal, alone or as a couple, the double dildos stand out as perhaps the most multitasking sex toy ever. Extreme!