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Intimate lubrificants: more comfort for everyone

Lubricants, from delaying to stimulating ones, are the ideal solution for igniting your pleasure and experiencing amplified sensations. Their purpose, in fact, is not limited to making a relationship more fluid, but they even manage to accentuate sensitivity, stimulating points that would otherwise risk not being sufficiently gratified. 

There are various types of intimate lubricants and for this very reason a performance in their company is certainly an unmissable experience to try. Whether they are gels particularly suitable for body massages or anal aids, these are products that are easy to use and have practically immediate results. 

Lubricants, from retardants to stimulants, try them all

These items can also be used together with sex toys, always checking compatibility first depending on the materials.
For him, for her and for the couple: each one has different characteristics, but this doesn't mean that you can't try multiple genres even at the same time!
How are they applied? Applying a lubricating gel is really simple, practical and fast, even in the case of those specific for hygiene or aimed in particular at oral sex. This last category includes, for example, edible lubricants - with tasty and delicate flavors - and stimulating lip gloss (a very special lip gloss, capable of stimulating the application area in an original way).

For massages or as an anal aid: choose your favorite gel

Among the most requested are water-based lubricants, but also silicone ones and, among the new things to try, those of exclusively biological origin.
In the field of creams for men, in addition to delaying gels, there are some aimed at the health of the penis, as in the case of developing creams, which increase both its sensitivity and elasticity.
If you don't know how to choose the lubricant best suited to your tastes and needs, trust the experts in the sector. On ToysPleasure, in fact, you have hundreds of high quality products available and ready to fulfill any of your desires...