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Sexy lingerie: the perfect combination of eros and beauty

Every woman should see sexy women's underwear as a precious opportunity to highlight her most sensual side. ToysPleasure's sex online lingerie & underwear is designed for women of all ages and types, from the most delicious bodies & baby dolls to the most daring panties, from the most pert bodystockings to mini sexy dresses for more transgressive events, each of you can be a queen of seduction!

Sexy lingerie: everything you need to know

If sexuality and its ways of expressing itself can still represent a taboo topic, seduction, the border area between the simple expression of an interest and the actual persuasion to engage in the sexual act, has always been considered natural and physiological, and therefore acceptable. It can be said that sex toys are to sexuality what sexy lingerie is to seduction. It cannot be denied that sexy lingerie, especially if rich in details, is one of the fundamental components of sexual arousal: it helps to feel attractive and the woman who feels attractive manifests it through the "weapons" at her disposal (attitude, bearing , sexy outfit and hot lingerie). A woman who likes herself in sexy lingerie excites a man even more. The forms of seduction are potentially infinite and all depend not only on the type of partner you have in front of you, but also on the moment you are going through: the same approach that is valid once may not prove effective the next time! This is why it is important to choose various models of sexy underwear, to be ready for all occasions. Wearing sexy lingerie brings out a very exciting side of the feminine as well as facilitating erotic games as a couple.

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Types of sexy lingerie

Sexy underwear sets, lace bras, garter belts, corsets, bodysuits, briefs, thongs and so on and so forth! Sexy lingerie is perfect for heating up the atmosphere before and during foreplay. From the very refined panties in black tulle and satin which, with their weaves of thin ribbons, slender the bottom, leaving it bare, to the daring crotchless panties to be worn even during penetration, ToysPleasure has chosen for you only garments with an exclusive and intriguing design, capable of slimming the shapes and embellish the body, sometimes with a pinch of panache and freshness.
Erotic underwear is truly sexy and to make the flame of passion burn again, there is often nothing better than a lace underwear set, for example. In general, all women's underwear is sexy, because it's the content and not the container that counts, right? It must be said that some outfits are extremely erotic, provocative and perfect for creating spicy situations. Black lace underwear is exciting in its simplicity, not to mention sexy underwear that is hidden under clothing during the day and comes out in all its sensuality at night.

How to be the queen of seduction with the right sexy lingerie

For new erotic adventures, intriguing relationships and forbidden games in which to be the center of attention, lingerie is a highly recommended accessory. Maybe the time has come to throw away the flannel pajamas they gave you at Christmas '90 or at least to try for once to see what happens if you go from being a simple girl to being a femme fatale. At that point the famous Sandy/Olivia Newton John metamorphosis at the end of Grease will blow your mind! First start by replacing a thong or a pair of culottes (which men are really crazy about) for the usual patterned briefs with bucolic textures and then move on to sexy black satin and lace outfits. Not only. As soon as you get a taste for it, surprise him with the hot "open" underwear, the last irresistible frontier of sexy lingerie, which will allow you to immediately move from gaze to action, or rather from ecstatic admiration to the ecstasy of penetration. You can apply a kissable lubricant without staining your panties. Be careful, though: your partner's reaction could become explosive!

Sexy outfits to rekindle passion

The sexy lingerie set is not only a way to appear confident and sensual in the eyes of your partner, but it can also have, just like sex toys, the ability to introduce a new dimension of play and fun into the relationship linked to the dynamics of the exchange of roles. In short, what you wear can help you transform yourself into someone else for a few moments, unleashing your most hidden erotic fantasies and the wildest excitement. Let yourself be penetrated by a suction cup dildo and blatantly ask your partner to strip you of her sexy outfit with a look... and more!
Try wearing lace women's underwear while using a vibrator or clit sucker.