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Classic, stimulating or delaying condoms: the choice is yours!

Classic condoms, ultra-thin condoms, condoms with a delaying effect, stimulating condoms, flavored condoms... there is a condom for every taste and every need!

What are condoms used for?

Contraceptive method (immeasurably more reliable than the Ogino-Knaus calculation as well as much safer than the Olympic discipline of Quail Leaping) condoms are thin sheaths of latex or more complex materials, available in multiple variations, sizes and flavours, which in addition to their contraceptive purpose , they also serve above all as protection from sexually transmitted diseases. An integral part of the shared erotic imagination, condoms are and should be the prerequisite for the greatest of freedoms: that of living and indulging oneself, without fear and guilt.

  • - Types of condoms
  • - Condoms: how to use them
  • - Where to buy condoms
  • - Condom measurements and sizes
  • - Where to keep condoms and how to store them

How many types of condoms are there?

So many. For all tastes, all needs and for every situation, we are sure that you will be able to find the right condom for you and for you. Do you happen to rush a little too much during love? Then Durex Performa is the condom for you. Don't want to miss even the faintest sensation during penetration? Wear Skyn by Akuel without hesitation. The important thing is that you always use a condom (and in the correct way), if you want to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, and enjoy sex (even occasional, why not?) safely and carefree! But which condoms to buy? The vastness of types of condoms and brands of condoms is immeasurable, to the point that you no longer have any excuses: if you choose the best condom for you, you won't even notice you're wearing (or inside) it. From the deluxe ones to the illustrated ones up to the very rich assortment offered by Durex: classic, stimulating, thin, ultra-thin, XL, flavoured, luminescent and even vegan, to make the use of condoms fun, useful and even more exciting. If the thin ones , with reduced thickness, are designed to minimize their perception and maximize the feeling of the couple; the stimulating ones , thanks to a series of ribs, reliefs and balls, can intensify the sensation of pleasure. The resistant ones are more suitable for anal intercourse and the retardants for those who fear premature ejaculation problems. ToysPleasure wants to give you the opportunity to choose the best condoms among many different brands of condoms but always of the highest quality and certified. After trying them you will no longer see the condom as a limit, but as an opportunity to multiply the couple's complicity, safety and pleasure.

Condoms: how to wear them and how to use them

Obviously condoms are disposable, we know, but we prefer to say it one more time rather than one less. To wear a condom, the penis must already be erect and the material must be slid from the tip to the base of the penis (as with cock rings and vibrating rings).
Lubricating the penis with saliva or lubricant can help the condom slide more easily along the entire length of the penis and also lubricating it externally after putting it on will make penetration smooth and pleasant. We recommend using silicone-based and water-based but not oil-based lubricants because vegetable oils are substances that make the condom material less protective and therefore its action less safe.

Where to buy condoms

Where do you buy condoms? They can be purchased from vending machines outside pharmacies, at night, so as not to be seen by anyone and to avoid the embarrassed look of the pharmacist at the checkout (even if protecting yourself is a wise choice to be flaunted from the rooftops and to be proud of). You can buy them at the supermarket with the total privacy of the checkout line. Or you can buy condoms online on our site, choosing the perfect ones for us in total anonymity and security
Online condoms are convenient because our delivery is completely anonymous and extremely fast (your package will arrive in 24/48 hours wherever you prefer). Furthermore, buying condoms online is very simple thanks to the detailed description of each product which will allow you to choose the ones best suited to your needs and will give you the way to purchase multiple types to compare them and find the perfect one for you.

Condom measurements and sizes

First measure the size of your penis ! There are condoms of various sizes although the "standard" size is approximately 54 mm in nominal length. The nominal length is obtained by squeezing the edge of the condom and is approximately 18 cm because the average size of the erect male penis is 13 cm (or slightly more) in length. They have a variable price that depends on the quantity contained in a box of condoms, the material they are made of and the brand. In general we can say that they don't cost much and, especially in this case, the game is worth it because safety and protection are priceless. But how much does a condom cost? The cost for a single condom can range from 0.36 cents to just over 1 euro. The price of the single depends on the quantity of condoms contained in a box, so buying a pack of condoms makes the price affordable. Finding an offer on condoms on our site is practically the order of the day. Also for this reason buying condoms online is advantageous, simple and highly recommended.

Where to keep condoms and how to store them

Condoms expire! Therefore it is good to pay attention to the date shown on the box or on the paper of the individual condom because an expired condom can break much more easily, not protect against pregnancies and diseases and therefore become completely useless.
Keeping a condom always in your wallet that "you never know when it might come in handy" may be a noble gesture that puts safety first on every casual or non-casual occasion, but it is by no means an effective move. The continuous rubbing, friction and crushing of the condom inside a wallet or in the pockets ruins and wears it out. So it's not uncommon for a condom that has spent a month sitting next to the coins in your wallet waiting for the right moment to break before intercourse or, even worse, during.