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Vibrators: The desired intimate massage

For unparalleled pleasure, discover which vibration is perfect for you: from classic rabbit vibrators to the brand new wireless vibrators, you will find the one capable of satisfying your tastes and needs in every way. Whether you are clitoral, vaginal, whether you want to squirt or experience anal orgasm there is a vibrator for every pleasure.

Vibrators: what are they

Vibrators are the category of sex toys most used by men and women. A vibrator is an internal or external massager used on the private parts and body to produce pleasant sexual stimulation. On ToysPleasure there are many different shapes and models of vibrators, depending on the use and the erogenous zone you want to stimulate. If you want to know more about what erogenous zones are, read the ToysPleasure blog!

  • - Vibrators: which ones to choose and how to use them
  • - Women's vibrator: an erotic object of female pleasure and emancipation
  • - Couple vibrators to improve sex with your partner
  • - Certified vibrators
  • - How to clean vibrators
  • - How much does a vibrator cost

Vibrators: which ones to choose and how to use them

A woman certainly has the widest choice, which ranges from the clitoral vibrator to caress the clitoris, to the rabbit vibrator for double stimulation of the vulva or vagina and clitoris, to the wireless vibrator for enjoying even from a distance, to the G-spot vibrators designed specifically for reach the G-spot. Then there are male vibrators for the penis, scrotum and anus. Whether for woman or man, the sexual vibrator helps to reach orgasm more easily and to release possible sexual frustration, in fact vibrators are often recommended by therapists for women who have difficulty reaching orgasm through masturbation or intercourse sexual. In twenty years the aesthetics of vibrators have changed a lot: now they are more beautiful, but also much more functional and safe. The biggest innovation? Focus especially on the clitoris, the engine of female orgasm . To never have to say: I didn't come! Couples choose to use a vibrator to increase the pleasure of both partners, to play between the couple and rekindle passion. For throbbing and passionate pleasure, discover the vibrators for sale on the online sex shop . Many models designed to satisfy the needs of any person: buy your vibrator and you will discover how to satisfy every fantasy and enjoy!

Women's vibrator: an erotic object of female pleasure and emancipation

Vibrators for women have discreet shapes and are vaginal or external vibrators , of different sizes and designs. Pleasure is not the same for everyone, just as the way to get there varies from person to person. The essential question is: are you more clitoral or more vaginal? Or, lucky you, bipartisan and you don't miss anything? It's important to find out before proceeding with an online shopping trip, because here you will really be spoiled for choice. On ToysPleasure you will find the latest generation of vibrators for women most purchased online, designed to stimulate all the hot spots of the female anatomy. Choose between vibrator models with an original design or between the timeless classic or realistic vibrators that can give, in addition to the thrill of orgasm, also the warmth of the human form. You can also indulge in size, without limiting your sexy fantasies: from mini vibrators to maxi vibrators. Size, at least in our opinion, matters, even when talking about vibrators: if the vibration is combined with the massive consistency of the vibrator, a deep vaginal orgasm is guaranteed, especially for those who appreciate the sensation of fullness during penetration. On this site we also appreciate the practicality and precision of the mini-sized clitoral vibrators and finger vibes, able to blend in between the key ring gadget and the lipstick. We even have miniature G-spot vibrators with vibrating heads. You will find a wide choice of pocket-sized toys, which can be put in your suitcase or handbag to always carry pleasure with you and make it work at the right time, even when you are on holiday. Finally, if you are a woman who never has to ask, we have selected the best clitoral suckers for you, truly reliable and lightning-fast toys, capable of giving you an orgasm in less than a minute. 

Rabbit Vibrator
It is the famous rabbit vibrator launched at the end of the 90s by Sex and the City. It is a two-pronged vibrator for stimulating the vagina and clitoris at the same time, combining 2 vibrators of different sizes in a single vibrator. The phallus-shaped vibrator is inserted into the vagina to stimulate the internal part, the smaller clitoral stimulator faces forward and rests on the clitoris. Rabbit vibrators are normally made of medical grade silicone, jelly or latex and are available in a wide variety of colours, sizes and designs. 

G-spot Vibrator
G-spot vibrators are similar to the classic vibrator but with a curve designed to stimulate the g-spot. The specific anatomical shape of the g-spot vibrator allows for more targeted stimulation and stimulates the G-spot with great intensity. To familiarize yourself or if you are using it for the first time, it can be used with or without vibrations. 

Wand Massanger
Among clitoral vibrators, the wand vibrator dominates the playing field. The magic wand is easy to hold, covers a large surface area and therefore the partner is able to move better from the clitoris to other erogenous zones of the body. It has been an industry best seller for more than 30 years and many women claim they can achieve squirting . 

Anal Vibrator
Anal sex has long been the subject of taboo, yet this sensitive part of the female and male anatomy is the key to exploring very intense pleasure. While many people think that anal vibrator is only for gay men men, but it is a common misconception. There are a wide range of styles, designs and sizes of vibrators available online for all levels of experience. 

Suction Stimulator
The clit sucker is a best seller, as well as a real technological achievement in the world of sexy toys. Stuffed in a suitcase it looks like a make-up case, but instead it is a very powerful clitoral vibrator, a true oral sex simulator, with adjustable suction to stimulate this very sensitive point. The Flamingo clitoral sucker by ToysPleasure has 11 suction programs, is silent and uses Air-pulse technology, which means it works with air pressure, sucks and massages the clitoris without overstimulating it!

Couple vibrators to improve sex with your partner

Technological, fun, increasingly colorful and multifunctional, vibrators are erotic toys that leave the bedroom and become a couple's game, an object of discussion and sexual emancipation. For those who cannot give up technology or have long-distance relationships, there are wireless vibrators . Both partners install an application on the phone and connect: one of them adjusts the vibrations even from the other side of the world. Those used in close sexual intercourse, however, have a C shape, one part enters the vagina together with the penis, the other stimulates the clitoris for a double orgasm. There is another type of couple's vibrator, very thin and to be inserted into underwear: vibrating panties . The briefs have a pocket with a mini vibrator , a small bullet with remote control, it does not move while you walk or do anything else. The remote control lets you manage the different vibration intensities. For foreplay, the latest invention is the mini finger vibrator. Use it to touch your arm, nipples, testicles, and wherever your imagination takes you. The best seller? Rabbit Finger Vibrator Pink by ToysPleasure.

Phthalates and the importance of the CE mark when buying a vibrator

Anyone who buys a vibrator online is a user who is informed about the types of materials with which it is made. The best material for a vibrator is certainly medical silicone: soft, hypoallergenic and non-porous, therefore easier to clean. For those who are allergic to silicone the only option is to use glass or steel dildos.

How to clean vibrators

The latest generation vibrators are waterproof or at least water resistant. The easiest way to clean a vibrator is to wash it with warm water and mild soap. It should not be dried with a towel to prevent dust and hair from sticking. For greater safety it is important to sanitize your vibrator with a specific toy cleaner . This is a cleaner that not only kills germs and prevents bacterial growth, but also contains properties that help maintain the integrity of softer materials like silicone and jelly. Choose a spray cleaner if you want a quick but effective method for cleaning your vibrators.

How much does a vibrator cost? The best offers online

The quantity of vibrators for sale on our site is truly enormous and the price varies from model to model. There are many factors that determine the cost of a vibrator, starting from the materials used, up to the design and technology used. The catalog is large and varied and you will find many brands: from Toy Joy vibrators, known to the general public, up to those for connoisseurs produced by brands specialized in designer vibrators: from Calexotics to Le Wand. On the ToysPleasure online sex shop you can find the vibrator suited to your needs with unmissable discounts. Discover all the offers on our vibrator category to find your model!